Alice P. Hobbs was an artist and activist who became a legend and cult figure to a community of fellow activists after she disappeared in 2014.  Hobbs spoke out against injustice, and fought tirelessly to save forest land that was threatened by developers and corporate interests.

Hobb’s work was informed by her daily wanderings around an undisclosed city as documented in a hard-to-find book entitled In the Realms of the Unexplored.

An expert in protocol decoding and design, and cryptography she began hacking sometime in the late 1990’s and was reputed to have been connected to a prominent hacking group.  Hobbs was later known to lead a solitary existence after she left society to live in a camper in the woods (occasionally moving with the weather patterns).  She disliked media and declined interviews.  She is rumored to have been heavily involved in the creation of the underground movement the Wander Society.

While not much background information exists on the artist, she had developed a wide group of followers who seek to uncover more about her life, process and whereabouts.